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15 September

Can Turkey’s media regulate itself?

Project launched under the auspices of the EU and UNESCO aims to lead a comprehensive research to promote self-regulation in Turkish media

Troubles of the media in Turkey certainly do not begin or end with a shortage of self-regulation. Media members working under the State of Emergency are faced with existential threats against reporting and journalism. And the content they produce are directly affected by these very circumstances; freedom, independence, objectivity, transparency, verifiability and, along with them, the “truth” itself, have now become a rare commodity in the media.
Can Turkey's media regulate itself in such an environment? Or, at least, can those members of the media in Turkey who still hold on to the hope of and the effort towards overcoming this environment take steps now for a future where much more effective mechanisms of self-regulation and accountability would be in place?
These questions now drive a project conducted under the auspices of the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) to lay out, with guidance from a study of examples from across the world, a functioning model of self-regulation for the media in Turkey. Funded by these two organizations and executed by the Punto24 Platform for Independent Journalism (P24), the project aims at the conducting of a comprehensive research on media self-regulation, publication of its results, and recommending a road-map for the future to improve mechanisms of media self-regulation.
To these ends, P24 will organize a workshop participated by professionals and representatives of institutions with expertise, knowledge and experience with issues of self-regulation, including, most notably, the Press Council. An in-depth research focusing on the main issues, possible solutions and models that would be identified during the workshop will be carried out by eight Turkish and international media experts, the results of which will be published in a book that will be printed in both Turkish and English as part of the P24 Media Library collection.
The project, which is planned to span over a year, will be concluded with a national conference to discuss findings and recommendations of the book with a view to propose a “road-map to promote media self-regulation.”
Activities to be undertaken towards implementation of the “Promoting media self-regulation in Turkey” project, which is a part of a three-year EU and UNESCO-funded “Building Trust in Media in South East Europe and Turkey” – a project that is underway in seven countries – will be regularly announced on this website and on P24’s social media accounts.


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