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14 December

No to the police state!

We will not tolerate this operation being meted out against our colleagues, and particularly against those who made public allegations of corruption

With the dawn police raids of 14th Dec, there’s little room left to doubt that the specter of dictatorship is creeping across Turkey. The fact anti-terror units are targeting two of the biggest media organisations is enough to make clear that we’re taking certain if slow steps towards the end goal of being a police state.
Turkey is fast being swept up in this undertow of authoritarianism. 
The charges set down by the prosecutor reek of what’s known as ‘the old Turkey’ from start to finish. By referring vaguely and abstrusely to the creation of an ‘anti-state organisation’ in the text, they’re articulating a much wider threat to a much wider audience. This is something these raids have in common with many of the others that have preceded it, like those against the Kurdish KCK organisation. 
The new mentality of the state and those inclined towards authoritarianism who are supporting it is to use and abuse justice towards political ends. They’re projecting this message out into the world: “Our rights and our freedoms alone. We have no use for democracy.”
As P24, we stand with those struggling for freedoms and rights, with hopes of a democratic Turkey still intact in our mind’s eye. The silencing of dissident voices, the stifling of opposing points of view, the desire to engineer a populace that speaks with a single voice are traits unique to the logic of a police state. There’s no place for Turkey in such a mould. Turkey shouldn’t ever concede to that. 

As P24, we decry this operation that takes aim at the media and particularly at those media organisations who have been involved in publishing files and commentary on corruption since December 17th last year. 

The 14th Dec operation has showed again the vital importance of putting an end to the creeping polarisation and antagonism running through the media, and of a solidarity among media organisations focused on freedom. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s time we speak up in protest together against this despotism. Speak up together, and loudly.


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