P24 - Platform for Independent Journalism http://www.P24.com Platform for Independent Journalism No verdict in media case, trial adjourned to March http://platform24.org/en/articles/592/no-verdict-in-media-case--trial-adjourned-to-march No verdict was announced at trial of journalists Murat Aksoy, Atilla Taş and 24 others as defense statements could not be completed. Journalists in State of Emergency - 122 http://platform24.org/en/articles/591/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---122 Çetin Kurşun, a reporter for the shuttered newspaper Azadiya Welat, jailed pending trial, bringing number of imprisoned journalists in Turkey to 155 Journalists in State of Emergency - 121 http://platform24.org/en/articles/590/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---121 Jailed journalist Nur Ener Kılınç released from prison on house arrest; 4 journalists in Adana convicted of “membership in terrorist organization” Testimony under torture deemed admissible in Türfent case http://platform24.org/en/articles/589/testimony-under-torture-deemed-admissible-in-turfent-case Journalist sentenced to 8 years and 9 months for “membership of a terrorist organization” Journalists in State of Emergency - 120 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/588/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---120 Imprisoned reporter İdris Sayılgan ordered to remain behind bars in the second hearing of the case against him Altans verdict draws global outcry: No longer a state of law http://platform24.org/en/articles/586/altans-verdict-draws-global-outcry--no-longer-a-state-of-law Altan brothers, Nazlı Ilıcak and 3 co-defendants handed down aggravated life sentences for “attempting to overthrow constitutional order” Journalist Deniz Yücel released from Silivri Prison http://platform24.org/en/articles/587/journalist-deniz-yucel-released-from-silivri-prison Deniz Yücel, who had been in pretrial detention without an indictment since February 2017, is freed pending trial Journalists in State of Emergency - 119 http://platform24.org/en/articles/585/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---119 Imprisoned BirGün editor Burak Ekici appears in first hearing of trial; court rules to keep Ekici in pretrial detention in Silivri Judge expels lawyers, moves trial venue http://platform24.org/en/articles/584/judge-expels-lawyers--moves-trial-venue Constitutional Court ruling not allowed to go on record- instead key journalist trial moved from Istanbul to Silivri Altans and Ilıcak trial draws to a close http://platform24.org/en/articles/583/altans-and-ilicak-trial-draws-to-a-close The court is expected to issue its verdict at the end of the five-day hearing on February 12-16. Lawyers say free speech is on trial Journalists in State of Emergency - 118 http://platform24.org/en/articles/582/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---118 Journalists beaten up by police during 2016 raid on Özgür Gündem daily’s offices appear before court as suspects on charges of resisting police Journalists in State of Emergency - 117 http://platform24.org/en/articles/581/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---117 Journalist Cem Bahtiyar sent to prison over social media posts and news articles; 157 journalists are in prison across Turkey Journalists in State of Emergency - 116 http://platform24.org/en/articles/580/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---116 ETHA reporter Ali Sönmez Kayar jailed while former Zaman editor İbrahim Balta released in “FETÖ media trial” Journalist released in “FETÖ media trial” http://platform24.org/en/articles/579/journalist-released-in--feto-media-trial Former Zaman finance desk reporter was released on health grounds. The final verdict in the case will be issued on February 22 Trial of journalists charged with espionage starts in Hatay http://platform24.org/en/articles/578/trial-of-journalists-charged-with-espionage-starts-in-hatay Dihaber reporters Alayumat and Akman face up to 45 years in prison. The court ruled to continue Alayumat’s detention until the next hearing april 25 Top court gives priority to journalists’ new applications http://platform24.org/en/articles/577/top-court-gives-priority-to-journalists--new-applications The new applications were filed after lower courts refused to implement the court’s earlier rulings on Altan and Alpay’s pre-trial detention Objective investigative journalism grantees named http://platform24.org/en/articles/576/objective-investigative-journalism-grantees-named The international jury of the Objective Investigative Journalism Training Programme selects the six projects to be supported Journalists in State of Emergency - 115 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/575/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---115 Amnesty Turkey head Taner Kılıç released in Büyükada trial only to be rearrested after prosecutor objects to his release Government notifies ECtHR about Altan-Alpay rulings http://platform24.org/en/articles/574/government-notifies-ecthr-about-altan-alpay-rulings Government tells ECtHR that Constitutional Court rulings are “final” concerning imprisoned journalists Mehmet Altan and Şahin Alpay Journalists in State of Emergency - 114 http://platform24.org/en/articles/573/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---114 Turkish Medical Association members taken into custody on charges of “terrorism propaganda” and “provoking the public to hatred and hostility” Journalists in State of Emergency - 113 http://platform24.org/en/articles/572/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---113 2 imprisoned journalists released pending trial; Editor İshak Karakaş arrested, bringing number of jailed journalists in Turkey to 155 Journalists in State of Emergency - 112 http://platform24.org/en/articles/571/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---112 Three more journalists have been arrested in Turkey as of January 23, bringing the number of imprisoned journalists in the country to at least 156 Journalists in State of Emergency - 111 http://platform24.org/en/articles/570/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---111 Imprisoned journalist Ilıcak faces “espionage” charges in new case; implementation of top court’s Mehmet Altan judgment rejected again 3 journalists arrested, dozen detained for posts on Afrin http://platform24.org/en/articles/569/3-journalists-arrested--dozen-detained-for-posts-on-afrin Number of imprisoned journalists in Turkey reaches 156 following the arrests of Taşkın, Yılmaz and Ergül on January 23 Baysal, Karakaş in custody for reacting to operation on Afrin http://platform24.org/en/articles/568/baysal--karakas-in-custody-for-reacting-to-operation-on-afrin Journalists, authors targeted in investigation launched against 57 individuals on account of social media posts critical of the Afrin operation Journalists in State of Emergency - 110 http://platform24.org/en/articles/567/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---110 Trial court insists on not releasing Mehmet Altan even after Constitutional Court judgment is published in Official Gazette Trial court insists on decision not to release Mehmet Altan http://platform24.org/en/articles/566/trial-court-insists-on-decision-not-to-release-mehmet-altan The Istanbul 26th High Criminal Court says the Constitutional Court overstepped its jurisdiction Top Court’s Altan, Alpay decisions in Official Gazette http://platform24.org/en/articles/565/top-court-s-altan--alpay-decisions-in-official-gazette Lawyers immediately file for the release of both journalists following the publication of the top court’s January 11 judgments in Official Gazette Twelfth hearing of KCK Press Trial into 46 media workers held http://platform24.org/en/articles/564/twelfth-hearing-of-kck-press-trial-into-46-media-workers-held Trial marked by expulsion of a defense lawyer from the courtroom Hasan Cemal on retrial for 2013 article series http://platform24.org/en/articles/563/hasan-cemal-on-retrial-for-2013-article-series Hasan Cemal reads his defense statement during the first hearing of the case Altan’s lawyers file complaint against judges http://platform24.org/en/articles/562/altan-s-lawyers-file-complaint-against-judges Istanbul Bar Association says it agrees with points put forward by Altan’s lawyers in petition to the HSK against 26th and 27th High Criminal Courts Court rejecets release demands for Şık, Sabuncu and Atalay http://platform24.org/en/articles/561/court-rejecets-release-demands-for-sik--sabuncu-and-atalay Court rejects petitions for release of jailed Cumhuriyet journalists Ahmet Şık, Murat Sabuncu and newspaper’s Executive Board Chairman Atalay Prison terms for five journalists in Özgür Gündem case http://platform24.org/en/articles/560/prison-terms-for-five-journalists-in-ozgur-gundem-case Ragıp Duran, Ayşe Düzkan, Mehmet Ali Çelebi and Hüseyin Bektaş and Hüseyin Aykol sentenced to a total of 9 years 9 months behind bars Altan and Alpay’s release pleas rejected once again http://platform24.org/en/articles/559/altan-and-alpay-s-release-pleas-rejected-once-again Istanbul 27th and 14th High Criminal Courts reject petitions by lawyers representing journalists Mehmet Altan and Şahin Alpay Mehmet Altan’s release rejected twice http://platform24.org/en/articles/558/mehmet-altan-s-release-rejected-twice 27th High Criminal Court rejects a petition by Mehmet Altan’s lawyers demanding the implementation of the Constitutional Court judgment of January 11 Journalists in State of Emergency - 109 http://platform24.org/en/articles/557/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---109 Journalists Mehmet Altan and Şahin Alpay not released despite Constitutional Court ruling Rights groups: Journalists should be released http://platform24.org/en/articles/556/rights-groups--journalists-should-be-released Eight leading groups issue joint statement condemning court decision to refuse to release journalists, in defiance of a top court ruling Penal court defies top court ruling for release of journalists http://platform24.org/en/articles/555/penal-court-defies-top-court-ruling-for-release-of-journalists The Istanbul 13th High Criminal Court says the top court ruling constitutes "usurpation of authority" Kurdish reporter Şerife Oruç’s detention further extended http://platform24.org/en/articles/554/kurdish-reporter-serife-oruc-s-detention-further-extended Detained 10 minutes after tip, awaiting evidence for 19 months “Implement the Constitutional Court ruling immediately” http://platform24.org/en/articles/553/-implement-the-constitutional-court-ruling-immediately The European Parliament Turkey Forum warns of further deterioration of Turkey’s constitutional crisis Altan and Alpay not released despite top court decision http://platform24.org/en/articles/552/altan-and-alpay-not-released-despite-top-court-decision Lower courts refuse to release the journalists, saying detention will be reviewed after top court’s reasoned decision is communicated Journalists in State of Emergency - 108 http://platform24.org/en/articles/551/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---108 Journalist Ayşenur Arslan sentenced to prison for ‘’insulting the president’’; prosecutor submits final opinion in Ahmet Altan case Journalists in State of Emergency - 107 http://platform24.org/en/articles/550/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---107 Cumhuriyet, Özgür Gündem solidarity and academics’ trials dominate the week; Emre İper and Ömer Faruk Aydemir released Ahmet Şık expelled from courtroom in Cumhuriyet trial http://platform24.org/en/articles/549/ahmet-sik-expelled-from-courtroom-in-cumhuriyet-trial In response, Murat Sabuncu and Akın Atalay refuse to present their defense. Court rules all imprisoned defendants shall remain behind bars Journalists in State of Emergency - 106 http://platform24.org/en/articles/548/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---106 ETHA reporter Meşale Tolu released, while Berberoğlu, Dündar and Gül face up to 15 years in jail in MIT trucks report case Meşale Tolu released after 8 months behind bars http://platform24.org/en/articles/547/mesale-tolu-released-after-8-months-behind-bars Tolu, who faces up to 15 years in jail on “terrorism” charges has been imprisoned since May Journalists in State of Emergency - 104 http://platform24.org/en/articles/546/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---104 DİHA reporter Nedim Türfent sentenced to eight years and night months on “membership” charges Prosecutor asks for life in the Altans trial http://platform24.org/en/articles/545/prosecutor-asks-for-life-in-the-altans-trial Court removes restriction to lawyer visiting hours and rejects a demand to seize assets owned by suspects Journalists in State of Emergency - 103 http://platform24.org/en/articles/544/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---103 Prosecutor asks for life in Enis Berberoğlu retrial; TRT World editor death found suspicious MEP seeks to visit Şahin Alpay in prison http://platform24.org/en/articles/543/mep-seeks-to-visit-sahin-alpay-in-prison In letter to Justice Minister Gül, Tanja Fajon says she is concerned about Alpay’s ongoing detention