P24 - Platform for Independent Journalism http://www.P24.com Platform for Independent Journalism Journalist jailed on coup charges says his health deteriorates http://platform24.org/en/articles/541/journalist-jailed-on-coup-charges-says-his-health-deteriorates 73-year old journalist Şahin Alpay says he was told he needs to have an angiogram by a cardiologist who recently examined him Journalists in State of Emergency – 102 http://platform24.org/en/articles/540/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---102 No journalist was released in last week’s trials. With recent arrests the number of imprisoned journalists reaches 155 Istanbul Bar Association condemns expulsion of lawyers http://platform24.org/en/articles/539/istanbul-bar-association-condemns-expulsion-of-lawyers “The moment you expel lawyers from the courtroom, you effectively give up on the quest for justice” Court rules to keep journalists behind bars in the Altans case http://platform24.org/en/articles/538/court-rules-to-keep-journalists-behind-bars-in-the-altans-case Lawyers for Altan brothers demanding further examination of evidence kicked out of courtroom; their request for a new judge rejected Pierre Haski: “Nothing justifies Ahmet Altan’s imprisonment" http://platform24.org/en/articles/537/pierre-haski---nothing-justifies-ahmet-altan-s-imprisonment Situation in Turkey is reprehensive, but not all hope is lost, says the RSF president who is visiting Turkey to monitor the Altans’ trial Journalists in State of Emergency - 100 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/536/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---100 Two journalists released in Özgür Gündem trial; 45 new detentions made as part of a probe into the Journalists and Writers Foundation Self-regulation in media: How can it be done? http://platform24.org/en/articles/535/self-regulation-in-media--how-can-it-be-done- Journalists, academics and representatives of the Press Council and RTÜK seek answer to this question in a EU-UNESCO backed project Journalists in State of Emergency – 99 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/534/journalists-in-state-of-emergency----99 Journalists Murat Aksoy, Atilla Taş and Ömer Çelik released, while three other journalists arrested Scores of journalists, rights defenders to go on trial http://platform24.org/en/articles/533/scores-of-journalists--rights-defenders-to-go-on-trial About 90 journalists, writers and human rights defenders will appear before courts in the coming days British lawyer awarded for his work in Turkey http://platform24.org/en/articles/532/british-lawyer-awarded-for-his-work-in-turkey Tobias Garnett was awarded by the Law Society of England and Wales’ for his work on behalf of the Altan brothers and Şahin Alpay Journalists in State of Emergency – 98 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/531/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---98 Five journalists detained and former TRT cameraman arrested while 2 journalists released from prison “Prosecutions used to silence dissenting voices” http://platform24.org/en/articles/530/-prosecutions-used-to-silence-dissenting-voices Nils Muiznieks submits opinion to European Court of Human Rights on 10 applications from imprisoned journalists Journalists in State of Emergency - 97 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/529/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---97 Two journalists attacked and detained; WSJ reporter given prison sentence and ETHA journalist Tolu remains in prison Journalists in State of Emergency - 96 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/528/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---96 A regional court rules for re-trial in the MIT trucks case; indictment into the Istanbul 10 completed Letter from Silivri: That thing called freedom http://platform24.org/en/articles/527/letter-from-silivri--that-thing-called-freedom I feel hurt by those who, despite knowing that we have been wronged, refrained from showing solidarity Journalists in State of Emergency -95 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/526/journalists-in-state-of-emergency--95 Constitutional Court likely to announce a ruling that will set a legal precedent for imprisoned journalists Journalists in State of Emergency -- 93 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/525/journalists-in-state-of-emergency----93 Columnist and publications coordinator Kadri Gürsel released in Cumhuriyet trial Journalists in State of Emergency - 92 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/524/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---92 Sözcü’s Mediha Olgun and Evrensel’s Yusuf Karataş released from prison, bringing number of imprisoned journalists to 170 The Barakat murders: Racist hatred or political execution? http://platform24.org/en/articles/523/the-barakat-murders--racist-hatred-or-political-execution Friends and family of Orouba and Halla Barakat say the family received death threats from the supporters of the Syrian regime Journalists in State of Emergency – 91 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/522/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---91 Courts rule to keep journalists in prison in the Altans and former Zaman writers’ cases Journalists in State of Emergency -90 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/521/journalists-in-state-of-emergency--90 Journalists Şahin Alpay, Ali Bulaç, Ahmet Turan Alkan others appear before court for the first time on Sept. 18 UK lawyers on the Altans case: This is a show trial http://platform24.org/en/articles/520/uk-lawyers-on-the-altans-case--this-is-a-show-trial Bar Human Rights Committee of England and Wales report on Altans’ trial raises concern over fair trial Can Turkey’s media regulate itself? http://platform24.org/en/articles/519/can-turkey-s-media-regulate-itself Project launched under the auspices of the EU and UNESCO aims to lead a comprehensive research to promote self-regulation in Turkish media Journalists in State of Emergency - 89 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/518/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---89 No journalists released in the second hearing of the Cumhuriyet trial. ECtHR grants UN special rapporteur leave to intervene... Journalists in State of Emergency– 88 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/517/journalists-in-state-of-emergency--88 Daily Evrensel’s regional reporter taken into police custody Journalists in State of Emergency - 87 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/516/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---87 One more journalist arrested; three more media organizations shut down with new Cabinet decree Media attacaks and jail-the price of solidarity in Turkey http://platform24.org/en/articles/515/media-attacaks-and-jail-the-price-of-solidarity-in-turkey RSF condemns media lynching of rights defenders fighting for free press in Turkey Journalists in State of Emergency - 86 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/514/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---86 Two released in “coup” case where 13 journalists are on trial Journalists in State of Emergency – 85 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/513/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---85 Nine journalists detained for using ByLock arrested and sent to prison. Two journalists imprisoned in Gaziantep released Journalists in State of Emergency - 84 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/512/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---84 Journalist Murat Çelikkan goes to prison; trial of Murat Aksoy and 12 other journalists on “coup” charges starts on August 16 Journalists in State of Emergency - 83 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/511/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---83 35 journalists in Istanbul sought by police on the grounds that they used chat software used by the group allegedly behind the coup attempt Journalists in State of Emergency - 82 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/510/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---82 DIHA reporter Nedim Türfent, in jail for 15 months, denied release in second hearing of his trial Journalists in State of Emergency - 81 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/509/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---81 Prosecutor seeks up to 15 years for journalist Meşale Tolu, a German passport holder Journalists in State of Emergency - 80 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/508/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---80 French journalist Loup Bureau arrested in Şırnak, two local journalists arrested in Gaziantep. Journalist Ozan Kaplanoğlu released from prison Journalists in State of Emergency - 79 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/507/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---79 Seven released in Cumhuriyet trial while five others remain imprisoned Journalists in State of Emergency - 78 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/506/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---78 Number of imprisoned journalists reaches 168 with two recent arrests; Cumhuriyet trial continues into fifth day Journalists in State of Emergency - 76 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/505/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---76 Arrest orders for 34 media workers issued; eight former TRT workers formally arrested Journalists in State of Emergency – 74 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/504/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---74 Arrest warrants issued for 34 ex-TRT employees. Number of imprisoned journalists rises to 166 as Mehmet Çakmakçı sent to jail Journalists in State of Emergency – 73 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/503/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---73 Rights defenders will be in custody for another week. Koray Çalışkan detained. Number of journalists in jail now 165 as Kazım Kızıl released Turkey: Free Rights Defenders Immediately http://platform24.org/en/articles/502/turkey--free-rights-defenders-immediately Police Detain 10, Including Amnesty Turkey Director, In Terrorism Investigation Journalists in State of Emergency - 70 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/501/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---70 Indictment into six journalists accused of links with RedHack and reporting on leaked emails of Berat Albayrak submitted to court Journalists in State of Emergency – 69 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/500/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---69 Imprisoned journalists Ahmet and Mehmet Altan and Nazlı Ilıcak appear before court in first hearing of their “coup” trial; none set free A Portrait of the Indictment as Judicial Porn http://platform24.org/en/articles/498/a-portrait-of-the-indictment-as-judicial-porn You can read the full text of Ahmet Altan's defence statement here. ‘“You would have tried Rousseau, too’’ http://platform24.org/en/articles/499/--you-would-have-tried-rousseau--too- You can read the full text of Mehmet Altan's defence statement here Altans and Ilıcak to present their defences in ‘’coup’’ case http://platform24.org/en/articles/497/altans-and-ilicak-to-present-their-defences-in---coup---case Trial of imprisoned journalists accused of “participating in coup’’ begins on Monday Rights groups: Drop all charges, release journalists http://platform24.org/en/articles/496/rights-groups--drop-all-charges--release-journalists Representatives of several rights groups will monitor trial of Altan brothers, Nazlı Ilıcak and others on June 19 Rights groups urge UN body to focus on free speech in Turkey http://platform24.org/en/articles/495/rights-groups-urge-un-body-to-focus-on-free-speech-in-turkey Article 19 and PEN International deliver joint statement at the UN Human Rights Council on free expression violations in Turkey A conversation on ‘’Rights, Resistance and Resilience’’ http://platform24.org/en/articles/494/a-conversation-on---rights--resistance-and-resilience- P24 joins the IFEX network at the latter’s 25th year celebration in Montreal European Court inquires Turkey about journalists’ cases http://platform24.org/en/articles/493/european-court-inquires-turkey-about-journalists--cases The Court directs eight questions to Turkey about imprisoned journalists’ applications, including one on whether detentions are political Journalists in State of Emergency - 68 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/492/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---68 Harrowing claims of torture marked journalist Türfent’s trial; former journalist and CHP MP Berberoğlu arrested in Syria weapons trial