P24 - Platform for Independent Journalism http://www.P24.com Platform for Independent Journalism A stillborn transformation http://platform24.org/en/articles/470/a-stillborn-transformation Turkey’s constitutional referendum produced a “yes” vote. But it also drove a wedge deeper into an already divided country Turkey’s most critical vote ever http://platform24.org/en/articles/469/turkey-s-most-critical-vote-ever Referendum on the systemic switch to executive presidency is bound to transform the country one way or another Journalists in State of Emergency - 57 http://platform24.org/en/articles/468/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---57 Life sentences sought for the Altan brothers and Ilıcak; 12 journalists rearrested; number of journalists in prison reaches 153 Journalists in State of Emergency - 56 http://platform24.org/en/articles/467/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---56 Finally some good news from Turkey as 13 journalists get acquitted in landmark trial Journalists in State of Emergency - 55 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/466/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---55 Executives and columnists of the shuttered Zaman daily indicted for “attempting to overthrow the government and constitutional order” International meetings focus on Turkey http://platform24.org/en/articles/465/international-meetings-focus-on-turkey P24 discusses the problems of press freedom in Turkey on visits to Albania and the UK Journalists in State of Emergency - 54 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/464/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---54 Indictment into Cumhuriyet executives submitted to court; custody period for detained journalists extended Swedish academics, journalists appeal for Alpay’s release http://platform24.org/en/articles/463/swedish-academics--journalists-appeal-for-alpay-s-release The letter to Turkey’s Justice Minister cites Alpay’s “uncompromising commitment to democracy’’ Journalists in State of Emergency -- 53 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/462/journalists-in-state-of-emergency----53 21 journalists released by court are detained again within hours and two Kurdish journalists are arrested Media literacy is a life skill in the age of Internet http://platform24.org/en/articles/461/media-literacy-is-a-life-skill-in-the-age-of-internet ‘’Still having to discuss importance of media literacy in this century doesn’t make sense’’ Journalists in State of Emergency - 52 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/460/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---52 Journalists’ trials and detentions continue with attacks reported EU Award for Investigative Journalism 2017 contest launched http://platform24.org/en/announcements/459/eu-award-for-investigative-journalism-2017-contest-launched Entries published between Jan. 1 - Dec. 31 2017 are eligible to participate in the award scheme, organised by P24 on behalf of the EU A call for media pluralism and freedom http://platform24.org/en/articles/458/a-call-for-media-pluralism-and-freedom 68 organisations from around the world express concern about the continuous deterioration of freedom of expression in Turkey “What is imprisoned in Turkey is journalism’’ http://platform24.org/en/articles/455/-what-is-imprisoned-in-turkey-is-journalism- Hasan Cemal speaks at a side event of the UN Human Rights Council meetings in Geneva Venice Commission warns against “one-person regime” in Turkey http://platform24.org/en/articles/457/venice-commission-warns-against--one-person-regime--in-turkey In an opinion released today, the Venice Commission says the proposed constitutional amendments are a “dangerous step backwards” for democracy Journalists in State of Emergency – 51 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/456/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---51 P24 updates its list in light of several journalists being freed from prison in late 2016 and early 2017 Journalists in State of Emergency - 50 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/454/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---50 Trials of journalists and detentions of press members continue Journalists in State of Emergency - 49 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/452/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---49 Number of imprisoned journalists in Turkey reaches 155 with the latest arrest of journalist Nur Ener Journalists in State of Emergency - 48 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/451/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---48 One Azadiya Welat journalist who was allegedly beaten by police arrested, two others released If a novelist becomes president... http://platform24.org/en/articles/450/if-a-novelist-becomes-president-- Novelist and journalist Ahmet Altan testifies in “insult” case, says the court case “should be dropped if Erdoğan and I are equal before the law” Journalist Hasan Cemal convicted in Erdoğan insult case http://platform24.org/en/articles/449/-journalist-hasan-cemal-convicted-in-erdogan-insult-case Cemal was sentenced to 11 months and 20 days in prison -- suspended on the condition that he does not commit the same offence in a year Journalists in State of Emergency - 47 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/448/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---47 Number of imprisoned journalists in Turkey reaches 155 following arrest of Die Welt reporter Deniz Yücel European court agrees to take up Altan brothers’ case http://platform24.org/en/articles/447/european-court-agrees-to-take-up-altan-brothers--case The court says the applications filed on behalf of Ahmet and Mehmet Altan, imprisoned without an indictment for five months, to be fast-tracked Journalists in State of Emergency - 46 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/446/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---46 Number of journalists in Turkish prison reaches 154 following arrest of journalist Aslı Ceren Aslan Journalists in State of Emergency - 45 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/445/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---45 A large number of journalists appeared before courts on Feb 14 and Feb 15 Court rejects officers’ request to join trial in Taraf case http://platform24.org/en/articles/444/court-rejects-officers--request-to-join-trial-in-taraf-case The next hearing of the Egemen Operation Plan case, where former executives and columnists of Taraf newspaper stand trial, was adjourned to May 10 “Some AKP deputies say they fear for their life’’ http://platform24.org/en/articles/443/-some-akp-deputies-say-they-fear-for-their-life- “A large segment of the AKP’s grassroots voters doesn’t support a monist, racist ideology,” according to HDP İstanbul deputy Garo Paylan Decline in media freedom ‘’existential threat’’ to democracy http://platform24.org/en/articles/442/decline-in-media-freedom---existential-threat---to-democracy The Council of Europe’s Commissioner on Human Rights says he’s struck by the hollow charges against journalists in Turkish prisons Nobel laureate Orhan Pamuk censored in his homeland http://platform24.org/en/articles/441/nobel-laureate-orhan-pamuk-censored-in-his-homeland Pamuk confirms to the P24-led SUSMA that his interview was not published because it included criticism of proposed constitutional amendment British lawyers urge top court to take up post-coup cases http://platform24.org/en/articles/440/british-lawyers-urge-top-court-to-take-up-post-coup-cases British bar committee urges top court to take up post-coup attempt cases Journalists in State of Emergency - 44 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/439/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---44 Two Doğan Media Group journalists fired for publicly announcing they will vote “No” in April referendum Journalists in State of Emergency - 43 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/438/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---43 Number of journalists in prison reaches 153 following Tanık’s arrest Journalists in State of Emergency - 42 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/437/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---42 Number of journalists in prison reaches 154 following two most recent arrests CPJ asks Merkel to raise press freedom on Turkey visit http://platform24.org/en/articles/436/cpj-asks-merkel-to-raise-press-freedom-on-turkey-visit New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists writes a letter to German Chancellor Merkel ahead of her talks with President Erdogan Journalists in State of Emergency - 41 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/435/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---41 Number of journalists in prison stays at 151 with one release and one new arrest Journalists in State of Emergency - 40 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/434/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---40 Number of journalists in prison reaches 151 after arrest of three journalists Journalists in State of Emergency - 39 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/433/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---39 Local Hatay journalist Ceren Taşkın arrested; six journalists still in detention after 19 days Journalists in State of Emergency - 38 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/432/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---38 Number of journalists in prison reaches 146 with the arrest of Özgür Gündem’s Kemal Sancılı Journalists in State of Emergency - 37 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/431/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---37 Three Özgür Gündem journalists released, Ahmet Şık detained on Dec. 29 Journalists in State of Emergency - 36 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/430/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---36 Writer Aslı Erdoğan and linguist Necmiye Alpay to appear before court on Dec. 29 at 9:15 am Journalists in State of Emergency -- 35 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/429/journalists-in-state-of-emergency----35 Five journalists and one newspaper employee detained purportedly over reports on hacked emails of Turkish energy minister Journalists in State of Emergency - 34 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/428/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---34 Number of journalists in prison rises to 148 following arrest of Yurt columnist Hüsnü Mahalli Journalists in State of Emergency -- 33 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/427/journalists-in-state-of-emergency----33 Number of journalists in prison falls to 147 following two releases, while CPJ confirms Turkey as the world’s top jailer of journalists HRW: Ruthless assault on press shields state from scrutiny http://platform24.org/en/articles/426/hrw--ruthless-assault-on-press-shields-state-from-scrutiny The rights group documents components used in systemmatic crackdwon on media Turkey arrests bring number of jailed reporters to record high http://platform24.org/en/articles/425/-turkey-arrests-bring-number-of-jailed-reporters-to-record-high Turkey becomes top jailer of journalists worldwide according to 2016 data from CPJ Journalists in State of Emergency -- 32 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/424/journalists-in-state-of-emergency----32 Recent arrest of reporter Mehmet Güleş brings number of journalists in prison to 149 Journalists in state of Emergency - 31 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/423/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---31 146 journalists behind bars and one TV presenter missing after alleged police detention Journalists in State of Emergency - 30 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/422/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---30 Özgür Gündem advisory board members Alpay and Erdoğan remain in prison, one DİHA reporter released Journalists in State of Emergency – 29 http://platform24.org/en/media-monitoring/421/journalists-in-state-of-emergency---29 Arrest of Perihan Kara brings the number of journalists behind prison bars to 145 Bloody night * http://platform24.org/en/articles/420/bloody-night- I am hoping that the ruling party has seen that compromising on democracy puts everyone’s lives and the future of the country in danger